What Are Some Great Spring Break Ideas for My Kids?

cheap ideas when your kids are on break and you need to get out of the house?

What Are Some Great Spring Break Ideas for My Kids? We adventured from Phoenix to Santa Fe for Spring Break. We are used to the 5-6 hour San Diego drive, so road-tripping the 8-9 hours to New Mexico posed some extra challenges to our van full of giggly girls. Of course, by now we are used to our days being a compilation of hilarious, laugh-out-loud moments followed by shrieks of horror and outbursts of anger, then back to happy and harmonious play. This is life with children. And yes...this was our van ride. Breath-taking pink and orange sunset views of Tonto Rim that even my three-year-old marveled at, followed by two children in tears because I refused to skip one of the Wiggles songs that was playing, followed by energetic storytelling rounds that ended up with everyone in stitches (mostly because the only phrase our youngest kept adding to the story was…"and then he pooped in a shoe"). Here are some fun Spring Break ideas we came up with: Go on a road trip to a new city & while on the road... Sing songs. Tell stories one word at a time or one phrase at a time, going in rounds. Give