How Do You Teach a Newborn the Difference Between Day and Night?

How do you teach a newborn the difference between day and night? My baby girl was born thinking night time was from about 4pm-2am. How could I tell? She would  sleep “hard” when she napped during these hours. You know the cute, limp-baby, happy sleep? Then right at 2am she would open those pretty eyes as if she were a baby owl and look around like it was the middle of the day. She would not be sleepy again till 4:30am! By then I was so exhausted it hurt. Moms of newborns know this feeling! If you are in a similar situation, here are the basic steps to teaching a newborn to sleep at night instead of all day. The overarching goal is to teach your newborn that days are for eating, playing, and napping while nights are for sleeping and quiet snacking. 1. Lights On During the Day and Lights Out at Night This goal of this first step is to make night and day feel very different to your newborn. Keep the lights on during the day even when your newborn is napping. At night, keep the lights low and sound levels down. If you watch TV during night feedings

Why is My Baby Suddenly Waking Up at Night Again? (Part 2)

Why is My Baby Suddenly Waking Up at Night Again? (Part 2) I am usually caught by surprise when my son suddenly starts waking up at all hours of the night again. Haven’t you ever wished you had advance notice when another round of sleep training is coming?  In part one, we discussed why is my baby suddenly waking up at night again?  In this post, we are talking about what to do when you’ve discovered there is nothing physically wrong with your baby, but he simply doesn’t want to sleep. Perhaps he has fallen out of the habit because of an illness, a vacation, a growth spurt or another reason. Below are the basic steps to follow for successful sleep training.   Establish a Bedtime and a Bedtime Routine - Pick a realistic bedtime that you will be able to stick to, and start adjusting naptime so your baby will be sleepy on time.  Create a simple bedtime routine that your baby can begin to use as his cue to settle down for bed.  The exact components are not nearly as important as the fact that they become a consistent, recognizable routine and are not energizing. Possible components include putting

Why is My Baby Suddenly Waking up at Night Again? (Part 1)

Why is My Baby Suddenly Waking up at Night Again? (Part 1)

Why is My Baby Suddenly Waking up at Night Again? (Part 1) Nothing makes you feel like a detective faster than trying to figure out why your baby is suddenly not sleeping through the night after weeks or months of sleeping peacefully. I blissfully thought that once my son was sleeping through the night the first time, I had successfully completed the sleep training step forever or at least until he was old enough for a toddler bed. Guess what? A few months later I found out that sleep training, like so many aspects of child training, is cyclical in nature. We’ve been through this cycle maybe six or seven times now over the last year and a half. Each time I have to start at the same point: Why is my baby suddenly waking up at night again? Here are five easy questions I ask myself now and some detective strategies I use to discover the answer as quickly as possible. Don’t forget to use your mommy instincts when sorting through the possibilities; they really do help! Is My Baby Hungry or Thirsty? Detective Action – This one is easy. Just pick up your little one when they cry and offer food

How Do I Get my Toddler or Preschooler to Stay in Their Room Past 5 am?

How do I get my toddler to stay in their room so I can sleep?

How Do I Get my Toddler to Stay in Their Room Past 5 am? 5:30 am: The windows are dark and you’re staring into space with a cup of coffee in your hand while your child eats their bowl of cereal, wondering how it came to this. There was a time when you never got up until at least half an hour after sunrise. Why, oh why, you ask yourself, did I stay up till 11 last night? I should have gone to bed at 9! Or maybe 8! We all want to have some adult time to ourselves, and it’s necessary to being a good parent. Going to bed at 8 pm isn’t really an option. We need those precious evening hours to reconnect with our spouse, binge on Netflix, and enjoy that pint of chocolate fudge brownie ice cream we’ve been hoarding behind the frozen peas. I hope I can give you a practical idea today on how to put a stop to those cold, dark mornings. You may have noticed that toddlers and preschoolers don’t really understand clocks. Enter the light-timer! Those little gadgets you use to turn your lights on and off at set times while you are on vacation

How to Get Baby to Sleep Through the Night: Baby Is Too Big For Her Swaddle

how to get my baby to sleep through the night?

As a new parent, we all wake up...quite literally, to the harsh, new reality of sleepless nights. God knew to make babies cute and cuddly. If they weren't so darn cute, we'd consider giving them to a neighbor. Especially at 3am, when they are waking us up for the 3rd time that night and all you can think about is how to get baby to sleep through the night. Certainly, you need to keep you infant well-fed, so interrupted sleep is simply a part of the at least the first 10 weeks of your babies young existence. Once your baby is 10lbs or about 10 weeks old, he is actually physically capable of sleeping through the night. A short night, albeit. Let's say 10pm to 5am. That is seven heavenly hours of sleep! However, here is what I found with each of my little monkeys. Right around that magic time, when I knew I could wean them of nighttime feeds, they also had just outgrown their swaddle. One of the best ways to get a baby to sleep and keep that baby asleep is swaddling them. It is almost as amazing as nursing. A gift to the new mom. Without swaddling, that baby's

7 Tips to Get Your Baby to Sleep Through the Night

my baby is waking up at 5am every day what do I do? how do I get my baby to sleep through the night?

This weekend my husband and I eagerly awaited our family trip “up north” to where Oma and Opa live. Beautiful rolling hills, the fragrance of pines and home-cooked meals not made by my hands...just some of the many benefits of being with my parents. To add to our normal crazy, we had just come off of a 10 day-knock-us-down-one-at-a- time tummy bug. Short-lived, thankfully...but messy.  Baby got the worst of it, dealing with diarrhea for nearly a week. Of course, as all moms know...our littles ones (and often our husbands) sort of go back a few years when sick.  We dote over them, nurse them back to health...and then suddenly...although perfectly healthy and fine, they are still clingy and whiny. (Our babies, of course...I am not referring to husbands now. Wink.) Isn’t it interesting? A little extra hovering and doting and out emerges a sweet, little monster. Oh joy. When your baby is sick -- whether a younger baby or an older baby/toddler -- it is very likely that they are up at night fevering, suffering from an ear infection or dealing with diarrhea. We must take care of them and we know that this is part of Mommy Basic Training --