How Do You Choose Daily Priorities in Order to Accomplish Your Goals?

How Do You Choose Daily Priorities in Order to Accomplish Your Goals?

I spent this past Saturday baking cookies for several upcoming events. I didn’t think much about it but just got up and dove in. My husband was at work, so this process was uphill work with my two-year-old and nine-month-old. After nearly five hours of hard work, that included numerous interruptions and my son pulling a couple of batches on the floor while I was mid-diaper-change, I began to have that familiar questioning feeling? You know the one. Was this really the most important thing to do today? Should I have bought cookies instead? Maybe I should have made lemon bars or something that would have taken a fraction of the time? Should I have finished the laundry and garage first, squeezed in a workout? - Probably so.  Prioritizing... ahh….prioritizing. How do you choose daily priorities in order to accomplish your goals? Dreaming Big is Good One of the reasons prioritizing as a mom is difficult is because we have big dreams, and that’s good!! I made a list recently of my dreams for myself as a mom. I know what they are, but hadn’t taken the time to write them all down. I don’t believe in dreaming small. The solution to

How Do I Get A Break as a Busy Mom?

How do I get a break as a Busy Mom? Mommy Breaks are a wonderful thing. Being a mom sometimes feels like a long distance race, and we all need time to recharge for a few minutes from time to time. Have you ever tried to take a Mommy Break and found that you honestly really felt no better afterwards? For example, one day when I was just feeling done, I watched my son empty the bookshelf because I was too exhausted to to even think of sitting down to train him on how to put the books back in anymore. So, while he emptied it, I ate my candy bar. I stood there thinking, “Sure, I’m calmer now, but I also have a huge mess to clean up and I’m just as tired as I was before!”  Then, in a moment I had a revelation: “This is not rest; this is a timeout….rest needs to be restorative.” This thought was revolutionary to me. Rest needs to be restorative or it’s not rest! Wow! Actually, there is some solid research on the necessity of rest particularly for moms. Check out this article for more on that.   Rest vs. Timeouts Me watching