My Child is a Popsicle: Handling After-School Meltdowns

My Child is a Popsicle: Handling After-School Meltdowns

Does your child come home from school and fall apart? Tears, screaming, kicking, attitude, pushback, the works? If children were popsicles, every September my house would have orange sticky popsicle juice everywhere because it’s... Back-to-School Meltdown Month! If you have an after-school meltdown-prone child, you are probably nodding your head. Back-to-School starts out so full of anticipation and excitement, shortly replaced by the reality of getting up before it’s light, rushing to get out the door, and facing a long day of intense brain activity and social challenges while trying to hold it together so you don’t spazz out in front of your peers, except sometimes you do. And then someone makes fun of your sneakers and you have no idea what’s going on in math and horror of horrors, you didn’t get to the bathroom on time and had to go to the nurse for a change of clothes. Is it any wonder that this child gets to the safety of home and lets it all out in very loud, physical way? Today’s post is going to be both practical and deep, with lots of wisdom from our team of Moms of Melters to help you get through Meltdown Month and

Real Mom Talk: The Scoop on Poop

baby constipation tips and tricks

Real Mom Talk: The Scoop on Poop Baby Constipation Tips and Tricks for Little Ones I don’t think I ever used the word “poop” more than a few times a year before I had kids. Then suddenly I had babies and found myself telling my husband about the day’s poop as soon as he walked in the door at night. While my babies never suffered much with constipation, I’m rather familiar with constipation in the slightly older human form, having carried a screaming child clutching their tummy to get abdominal-rays at the ER and to a whole series of doctor’s appointments to get the problem cleared up. Turns out some mom had been letting her offspring eat too much refined junk food and not enough fiber. Yes, even I, your crunchy organic veggie-loving blogger, had given into the endless demands for things made with white flour. This week we got an inquiry from a mom about a new product on the market from Wellements® called “BabyMove.” She wanted to know if we’ve ever tried it and if we had any other tips about handling constipation in babies. I’m happy to say that we have on our team a pediatrician (Dr. Auxier of Gilbert

How Do I Get My Kids To Eat Healthy?

So...this is going to sound crazy and simplistic. However, it works. Especially when the kids are young, it does the trick. it is: Model the behaviour you want them to display. You have heard that wise saying, “More is caught than taught.” Well, the bottom line here is as follows. If you bring healthy food for kids into your house, and you proceed to eat healthy food...your children will naturally eat healthy food. If you bring junk food, processed food, sweets and snacks into your home...even just as supplemental food, they will want that. They will think it is meal-worthy, even. Not too long ago my four-year-old asked me, “Mama, can I have chips for breakfast?” Now, if I didn’t have chips in the house...she would never even think to ask me that. Sadly, my pregnant body was craving a salty snack and so, yes...there they were on the fridge. If we consistently have pizzas in the fridge, or mac and cheese in the cupboard...our children will believe these are staples. Now I do not believe these foods are evil. I love them like the rest of the American world...BUT...I do believe they should be a now and then food,