Kerplunk – The Definitive Guide to Getting Your Kid Into Undies by 18 Months.

What Can You Expect From Kerplunk?

Kerplunk is an easy-to-read, practical, detailed and common sense guide to potty training. If you read this book from beginning to end and apply the principles and steps, you will be able to successfully potty train your child in no time– whether you are starting before the age of one or are getting going at age two or three. Kerplunk is your answer to potty training!

Why Early Potty Training?

Babies are really smart! Whether you have a 6-month-old or a 24-month-old, your little one is capable of being potty trained earlier than you would have EVER imagined! Getting your little one into undies by 18 months is a major benefit on various levels: fewer stinky diapers to change, far fewer potty-related toddler tantrums, earlier admission to day-care or preschool and of course SAVINGS on diapers. A potty trained child opens up many options for you!

eBook Summary

Kerplunk is a practical, illustrated, easy-to-follow and step-by-step guide to potty training your child
by 18 months. This book is based on a system developed by a mother of four children. Considering how flawlessly the process worked, the author started to document the process and compiled it into this handy book for the benefit of other parents.

Kerplunk is meant for the busy Mama: simple and to the point. It provides the AZ Kerplunkon how to get your kid in undies by 18 months. It includes tips, tricks and a detailed run-down of how to potty train your baby, whether you begin at 3 months of age or 18 months of age. It can be modified, customized, and adapted to fit your lifestyle. You pick when to start and how involved you will be. You choose how fast or how slow you will go. You decide when to put baby in undies.

Kerplunk includes many helpful hints and a variety of tools to enhance your potty training experience. Parents of babies who are 0-24 months will find a wealth of information in these pages and everything they need to successfully complete early potty training. Parents of children between 24-36 months can also benefit from the steps and apply them with success.

Who is this eBook for?

This book is for the busy parent who is looking for a tried-and-true method to potty train their child. If your baby is as young as 6 months old or EVEN if your little one is nearly three years old, you will find a practical, clearly-explained and laid-out guide to getting your child into undies. This book assumes you have a busy life and zero experience in potty training, but also the determination to get your child potty trained. Kerplunk is full of helpful tips and tricks, practical solutions and real life examples. The methodology suggested in this book even offers you multiple ways to accomplish the same thing, so that based on your life situation you can move at your own pace. Whether you are a stay-at-home parent, part-time working or full-time employed, this book offers a step-by-step solution to potty training your child. You can potty train your baby by the time he or she is 18 months old and you can enjoy the process.

About the Author

Aimee Elliott Ghimire is a happy Mama of four lovely girls. She is married to Shailesh, a striving stand-up comic from the Himalayas of Nepal. They currently live in beautiful Gilbert, Arizona where they enjoy the great weather even in the summer. Besides raising kiddos, Aimee also runs a digital marketing agency and enjoys hiking, speaking, leading worship at church and traveling the world (with all four kids in tow!)