How Do You Get A Sick Toddler To Drink Fluids?

How Do You Get A Sick Toddler To Drink Fluids?

How do you get a sick toddler to drink fluids? What if they just aren’t interested and you are out of ideas?  We spent the week between Christmas and New Years sick this year with a stomach bug. It was one of those nasty ones that hit in the middle of the night leaving you dizzy with the sheer amount of puke everywhere! It’s time like these that you pull out your bag of Mom vs Puke tricks! We were dealing with vomit on clothes, on sheets, on the floor, and let’s just not even discuss the diarrhea end of the equation. By three days in my two-year-old son simply refused to eat or drink anything at all - didn’t matter what it was.  If you ever find yourself in the same boat, no fear...I have some tricks up my sleeve for you! The Dehydration CycleOne of the tricky things about dehydration is it often makes you feel nauseated. This can start a spiral where you stop drinking because you are nauseated from the stomach bug. Once the throwing up and diarrhea begin to cause dehydration, left unchecked, the dehydration adds to the nausea and increases fluid loss through even more

How Does Mommy Medicine Work?

Mommy Answers

Providing Mommy Answers! So, I definitely have some OCD tendencies. And this in addition to being very, very Type A. Mix these two ingredients with being a new mom & well… let’s just say with every single new mom question I faced, I grit my teeth, dug in my heels a little farther and searched fervently for the answer. Looking back now, I see I was a bit animal in my behavior and certainly fear-driven. But, as new moms we simply have so many questions and we are hunting for oodles of answers. Why is my baby crying? Why is he not sleeping? What is that red thing on her forehead? Oh God, is she coughing or dying? Initially, I refused to give my firstborn any vaccines, as I had heard so many theories flying about. Her first 6 months I read countless books and websites...trying to make sense of everything. Do I vaccinate? If so, at what pace do I vaccinate my child? Do I give my child all of the vaccines or do I pick and choose? In the end, because of our frequent travel to Third World countries, we chose to do most of the vaccines but at a

What is Mommy Medicine?

What is Mommy Medicine?

One night a few years ago...when I was having a rare and wonderfully deep sleep, I had a vivid dream. In my dream I was Mary Poppins. I wore the hat, carried that fantastic magic purse and was strolling along using the umbrella as a walking stick. Suddenly, I--or me as Mary Poppins--found herself signing up to study Pediatric Medicine online. I woke up with a jolt and sat up in bed, horrified. You see, dreams will sometimes mean something to me. I find God will use dreams to direct me, share thoughts, or reveal my emotions to me. In fact, a few years before I had prayed that God would start speaking to me in dreams. And He had. Now I was petrified. Here I was with three young children. Had I missed my calling? Was I supposed to become a pediatrician? How could I have missed this? How would I accomplish this? There was simply NO way. It was 4am and I was wide awake, my heart racing. I just could not wrap my heart around the "how" of this. How would I quit what I was doing and spend 4 years in Medical School? When I was

Mom vs. Puke – How do you win? Because, the battle is real!

Its the middle of the night and you hear the dreaded sound, "Mom, I just puked!" or from the younger ones, confused crying and sounds of vomiting. You rush out of bed and know you are in for the long haul. Gastrointestinal illness, in my opinion, comes with some of the most challenging symptoms to handle, especially when you have multiple children. In our family we've developed a game plan to fight the nasty symptoms and the aftermath that comes with stomach viruses.  Here are a few tactics we use to win against the GI bugs! 1) Mentally prepare that everyone in the house will likely have the symptoms, its just a matter of time.  Life seems to stop when we are dealing with puke and everyone needs to be 100% in the game to make it through. Especially when it hits the adult(s). 2) Protect your flooring in case of an accidental vomit "miss". We employ old towels and blankets and lay them all over the floors, around the beds and crib, in the hallways, living room, and furniture. This will benefit you in the middle of the night if another child wakes up with it.  Its much easier to do laundry than clean puke out of carpet,

“You want to touch MY baby?” And all the things you really want to say.

Ah, flu season is upon us. Germs of all shapes and sizes rear their ugly heads wherever we go. Meanwhile, we mothers are approached from many directions by people who love babies...our babies...AND want to touch them. From my first to my fourth baby I was always cautious about exposing them to sickness as newborns and infants. As they got older and had well established immune systems (thank you breast milk!) I lightened up on the hand sanitizer and hovering over their every move. However, I learned that when babies are around NOT everyone has the common sense about spreading their own germs to our tiny bundles. For example, how many of us have had someone put their finger IN our baby's mouth in effort to somehow soothe them? Seriously? I wouldn't let your finger in MY mouth! And I would barely put my own finger (which I just thoroughly washed) in my own baby's mouth! So, how do we protect our babies without being rude to those who have less of an inclination toward disease prevention? I will preface this by saying I have a very non-confrontational personality and find it hard to be frank in such situations. So, if you