How Do I Begin Making My Own Baby Food?

How Do I Begin Making My Own Baby Food?

I always taste baby food before a feeding. Some of it, for example...pureed pears, isn’t all that bad... but some of those dinners are nasty! This is what inspired me into attempting to make baby food the first time. Making baby food sounds pretty easy, right? Baby food is just cooked and pureed baby-safe table food. So how do you get started? And, how do we do this efficiently - without having to choose between cooking for the baby and cooking for the rest of the family! There are a few moms for whom making their own baby food is an art form. It’s a hobby and a passion, and you are amazing! My baby food preparation tips are for the moms who have ninety-nine other things to do, but still want to make homemade baby food to save money or provide better nutrition and taste. So, how do I begin making my own baby food without spending all day at it? Tools Unless you are up for the potato masher and strainer routine, you will want a grinder of some sort. I use a simple hand-crank grinder that washes up easily after each meal. There are all kinds of options

Housework with Two Under Two: How Do I Keep my House Clean with Young Children?

Housework with Two Under Two: How Do I Keep my House Clean with Young Children?

Housework with Two Under Two: How Do I Keep my House Clean with Young Children? Doing housework has never been my strong point. I don’t naturally clean my environment as I walk through the house and seem to have missed that “mom gene” where you naturally add order to your surroundings without thinking about it. When I don’t think about it, the house gets dirty...really, really fast! Once I do look around and think it’s about time to tidy up, my next thought is how? I work from home. My little ones are both under two, and sitting with them while they crawl and run around me as I work on my computer is actually easier than trying to figure out how to sweep and mop, cook, do laundry, and clean the bathrooms with them. Full disclosure - for this blog I’m pulling heavily from the advice of some experienced moms who have been there and done that. So thank you Charity, Lindsay, and Megan for giving expert advice on today's topic, how do I keep my house clean with young children? This Phase will End This stage where housework feels so difficult is just that - a phase that is short

My Child is a Popsicle: Handling After-School Meltdowns

My Child is a Popsicle: Handling After-School Meltdowns

Does your child come home from school and fall apart? Tears, screaming, kicking, attitude, pushback, the works? If children were popsicles, every September my house would have orange sticky popsicle juice everywhere because it’s... Back-to-School Meltdown Month! If you have an after-school meltdown-prone child, you are probably nodding your head. Back-to-School starts out so full of anticipation and excitement, shortly replaced by the reality of getting up before it’s light, rushing to get out the door, and facing a long day of intense brain activity and social challenges while trying to hold it together so you don’t spazz out in front of your peers, except sometimes you do. And then someone makes fun of your sneakers and you have no idea what’s going on in math and horror of horrors, you didn’t get to the bathroom on time and had to go to the nurse for a change of clothes. Is it any wonder that this child gets to the safety of home and lets it all out in very loud, physical way? Today’s post is going to be both practical and deep, with lots of wisdom from our team of Moms of Melters to help you get through Meltdown Month and

How Does Mommy Medicine Work?

Mommy Answers

Providing Mommy Answers! So, I definitely have some OCD tendencies. And this in addition to being very, very Type A. Mix these two ingredients with being a new mom & well… let’s just say with every single new mom question I faced, I grit my teeth, dug in my heels a little farther and searched fervently for the answer. Looking back now, I see I was a bit animal in my behavior and certainly fear-driven. But, as new moms we simply have so many questions and we are hunting for oodles of answers. Why is my baby crying? Why is he not sleeping? What is that red thing on her forehead? Oh God, is she coughing or dying? Initially, I refused to give my firstborn any vaccines, as I had heard so many theories flying about. Her first 6 months I read countless books and websites...trying to make sense of everything. Do I vaccinate? If so, at what pace do I vaccinate my child? Do I give my child all of the vaccines or do I pick and choose? In the end, because of our frequent travel to Third World countries, we chose to do most of the vaccines but at a

How Do I Make Chores a Part of Our Family Life?

how do I get my kids to do chores?

How Do I Make Chores a Part of Our Family Life? Chores are an important part of raising responsible, independent children. It’s good for them the way vegetables are good for them- they may not like them but they’ve got to eat them to grow healthy and strong. And, just like getting them to eat vegetables, it can be a royal pain to get them to actually do their chores. The truth is, you can and should start your kids helping with chores at around age three, but it’s unlikely that you are going to feel like it’s actually easing your chore load for at least four or five years. It’s going to take patience on your part, mom and dad! They need supervision, help, and your willingness to let a few crumbs go unswept (attention, perfectionists, I’m talking to you). Decide what you want “help” with and what you don’t.  This may boil down to what you can stand to let be done imperfectly and what you feel is absolutely essential to have spotless. Children do not have your eyes, trained over many years, to see every dust bunny, every water mark on the faucet or every speck of toothpaste on

What is Mommy Medicine?

What is Mommy Medicine?

One night a few years ago...when I was having a rare and wonderfully deep sleep, I had a vivid dream. In my dream I was Mary Poppins. I wore the hat, carried that fantastic magic purse and was strolling along using the umbrella as a walking stick. Suddenly, I--or me as Mary Poppins--found herself signing up to study Pediatric Medicine online. I woke up with a jolt and sat up in bed, horrified. You see, dreams will sometimes mean something to me. I find God will use dreams to direct me, share thoughts, or reveal my emotions to me. In fact, a few years before I had prayed that God would start speaking to me in dreams. And He had. Now I was petrified. Here I was with three young children. Had I missed my calling? Was I supposed to become a pediatrician? How could I have missed this? How would I accomplish this? There was simply NO way. It was 4am and I was wide awake, my heart racing. I just could not wrap my heart around the "how" of this. How would I quit what I was doing and spend 4 years in Medical School? When I was

How do I keep my four-year-old’s room clean?

If your child is like mine, you will agree with me that it takes no more than about three minutes for a perfectly clean and organized room to become a war-zone! This is no doubt one of the great frustrations of parenting preschoolers. Of course they understand where items belong and organizing toys. And yet...they opt to take every last toy out, play and proceed to run off to another activity. The aftermath is...well, a wonderful mess that most often you get to pick up on your own with a few token gestures of help by your clever little four-year-old. Now, if you are a super-organized Mama...you don’t have this problem. You simply don’t let the little guy go on to the next activity until he has put things away. However, we know that this is not the case for most of us. We have an office to go to, errands to run, school drop-off, lunch prep,...and so, your child’s room gets lost in the mix. I have found something that works quite well in our house. You might want to try it. We do something called “Room Inspection”. We do it every morning. My four-year-old and six-year-old share a room.

How Can I Get Anything Done With All These Children?

busy moms busy kids busy life

With Several Children Around How do you find that Mom Work Balance? I am not sure what kind of personality you have, but I am extremely driven. As long as I can remember I have had projects and ideas and dreams...lists that seemed endless. And the biggest problem as a teenager was that in addition to being driven, I was highly social. So, right about my senior year of High School, I began to realize that I had no time to do the things I wanted to do. Like photo albums and scrapbooks and such. I was falling behind at the tender age of 17. I now know that accomplishing anything is all about priority. Yes, I had lists. But more than my to-do's I wanted to be a teenager and just have fun. And so I did. Today I find myself a Mama with a husband, four kids, a business and a home to manage. Let's just say if I was falling behind at 17, now I feel as if I signed up for a marathon and it has been run 100 times without me while I am still in my pajamas looking for my running shoes. Falling behind doesn't even begin

How do I get any house work done when the kids are always around?

How to do housework with kids around

This took me quite a long time and many tiresome nights to figure out. After my first child was born I couldn't even fathom trying to go above and beyond taking care of her to manage the house work too. So I left the cleaning and laundry for the evenings which usually meant it got put off until the weekend when my husband was home to help. Well, 3 kids later I've finally realized I don't want to spend nights and weekends just doing chores and it is possible to keep up with the tasks while kids are home. I think of it two ways ,1) "Kill two birds with one stone" whenever possible. 2) "If you can't beat them...make them join you," Let me make this practical. First, I will often pair tasks along side something I'm doing with the kids. For example, I will often bring all of my cleaning supplies into the bathroom and clean it while giving the kids who are old enough to be out of my arms reach, a bath. They get clean, the bathroom gets clean and 20 minutes later I'm thrilled both are done! I'll do this with my two year old too. Whenever