My Child is a Popsicle: Handling After-School Meltdowns

My Child is a Popsicle: Handling After-School Meltdowns

Does your child come home from school and fall apart? Tears, screaming, kicking, attitude, pushback, the works? If children were popsicles, every September my house would have orange sticky popsicle juice everywhere because it’s... Back-to-School Meltdown Month! If you have an after-school meltdown-prone child, you are probably nodding your head. Back-to-School starts out so full of anticipation and excitement, shortly replaced by the reality of getting up before it’s light, rushing to get out the door, and facing a long day of intense brain activity and social challenges while trying to hold it together so you don’t spazz out in front of your peers, except sometimes you do. And then someone makes fun of your sneakers and you have no idea what’s going on in math and horror of horrors, you didn’t get to the bathroom on time and had to go to the nurse for a change of clothes. Is it any wonder that this child gets to the safety of home and lets it all out in very loud, physical way? Today’s post is going to be both practical and deep, with lots of wisdom from our team of Moms of Melters to help you get through Meltdown Month and

How Does Mommy Medicine Work?

Mommy Answers

Providing Mommy Answers! So, I definitely have some OCD tendencies. And this in addition to being very, very Type A. Mix these two ingredients with being a new mom & well… let’s just say with every single new mom question I faced, I grit my teeth, dug in my heels a little farther and searched fervently for the answer. Looking back now, I see I was a bit animal in my behavior and certainly fear-driven. But, as new moms we simply have so many questions and we are hunting for oodles of answers. Why is my baby crying? Why is he not sleeping? What is that red thing on her forehead? Oh God, is she coughing or dying? Initially, I refused to give my firstborn any vaccines, as I had heard so many theories flying about. Her first 6 months I read countless books and websites...trying to make sense of everything. Do I vaccinate? If so, at what pace do I vaccinate my child? Do I give my child all of the vaccines or do I pick and choose? In the end, because of our frequent travel to Third World countries, we chose to do most of the vaccines but at a

How Do I Get My Kids to School on Time?

How do I get my kids to school on time?

  How Do I Get My Kids to School on Time? This morning I was woken up far too early, by my 10-year-old looking for her school uniform. Of course, it wasn’t in her drawer where she should have put it the night before. And of course she assumed that her sister had “stolen it” from her. Oh boy. Can I just please sleep a few more minutes? The next 45 minutes were taken up waking the 1st grader, finding missing shoes under the sofa, pottying the 3-year-old, filling water bottles--with ice cubes flying everywhere, signing homework forms and searching every drawer in the house for one surviving hair band. After several years of this early-morning routine, I find we are finally adjusting to it. Some mornings are pull-my-hair-out stressful and others are surprisingly calm and filled with laughter around the breakfast table. This morning, thankfully... was topped off by some comic relief. I had managed to get the kids into the van before our oh-no-we-are-going-to-be-tardy-again cut-off time. I was actually dressed and NOT wearing slippers. Backpacks: check. Water bottles: check. Baby buckled: check. I rested my head against the car seat, waiting for all the kids to climb in the van. This

What is Mommy Medicine?

What is Mommy Medicine?

One night a few years ago...when I was having a rare and wonderfully deep sleep, I had a vivid dream. In my dream I was Mary Poppins. I wore the hat, carried that fantastic magic purse and was strolling along using the umbrella as a walking stick. Suddenly, I--or me as Mary Poppins--found herself signing up to study Pediatric Medicine online. I woke up with a jolt and sat up in bed, horrified. You see, dreams will sometimes mean something to me. I find God will use dreams to direct me, share thoughts, or reveal my emotions to me. In fact, a few years before I had prayed that God would start speaking to me in dreams. And He had. Now I was petrified. Here I was with three young children. Had I missed my calling? Was I supposed to become a pediatrician? How could I have missed this? How would I accomplish this? There was simply NO way. It was 4am and I was wide awake, my heart racing. I just could not wrap my heart around the "how" of this. How would I quit what I was doing and spend 4 years in Medical School? When I was

Is There A Homemade Granola Bar That My Kids Will Actually Like to Eat?

Homemade Granola Bar recipe

Is there a tasty homemade granola bar recipe my kids will eat? Yes! And, believe me...I have been through a whole bunch of, well...unusual and unique recipes. Often my husband and I are left to eat the granola bars that I made for the kids to take to school. This one, however is a winner. It has great ingredients and is no bake! To make it EVEN better, we put the ingredients through our BlendTec & process them a bit so the granola ball is less chunky and more smooth. Also, if you want a granola ball with zero sugar, substitute the chocolate chips for cocoa nibs. Your kids may not even notice.   Images used under creative commons license – commercial use (2/2/2016) Celeste Lindell (Flickr)

Breastfeeding for New Moms: How Much and How Long

breastfeeding as a new mom how much? how long? when do I stop breastfeeding?

Currently, I have a lot of friends with fairly new babies, most of them first time moms like me. One of the hot button topics I find we touch on—but then skirt around—is breastfeeding for new moms. It’s kind of “if you got it you got it, and if you don’t, you don’t” and that’s it. Period. Once you’re split into the two groups, you can’t really breach the topic between the groups. If you do, I feel like someone always feels guilty, insufficient, superior or down right angry. For those of us lucky enough to have a body that says “yes” to breastfeeding, most people assume we love every second of it. I want there to be a third group considered when it comes to breastfeeding. Those who can and choose to do it, but don’t necessarily enjoy it. Don’t get me wrong, I’m thankful for being able to produce copious amounts of milk, I even donated some to a local mom who wasn’t able to produce. This from a woman feeding two babies at once! I’m also thankful for a time in my day that can be literally hands-free. However, ever since the boys were newborns, I found that

How Do I Deal With Picky Eaters?

How do I deal with picky eaters? What to do when you kid won't eat anything nutritious?

I have one carnivore, three omnivores and one vegetarian in my household. Time will tell with the baby. Unfortunately, this makes for quite the ruckus around dinner time…when one child is raving about the meatballs and another is making dramatic “I’m going to be sick” faces and hoping mom doesn’t catch her and ban her from the table. When you have a variety of taste buds around your dinner table…how do you make food that is going to work for everyone? How do you ensure that your kids are going to get the nutrition they need? Certainly, there are many solutions out there…but here are a few rules I go by that work fairly well: 1) Cook only one meal per night. I have heard of moms who go out of their way to have different food for each person at the table. This is an insane amount of work. Don’t do it! It is enough work cooking one decent meal. Take your time to make a balanced, healthy and tasty meal and expect it to be eaten. 2) Have options. If you know that one of your kids will be repulsed by the sight of fish, don’t force him to eat the

How Do I Get My Kids To Eat Healthy?

So...this is going to sound crazy and simplistic. However, it works. Especially when the kids are young, it does the trick. it is: Model the behaviour you want them to display. You have heard that wise saying, “More is caught than taught.” Well, the bottom line here is as follows. If you bring healthy food for kids into your house, and you proceed to eat healthy food...your children will naturally eat healthy food. If you bring junk food, processed food, sweets and snacks into your home...even just as supplemental food, they will want that. They will think it is meal-worthy, even. Not too long ago my four-year-old asked me, “Mama, can I have chips for breakfast?” Now, if I didn’t have chips in the house...she would never even think to ask me that. Sadly, my pregnant body was craving a salty snack and so, yes...there they were on the fridge. If we consistently have pizzas in the fridge, or mac and cheese in the cupboard...our children will believe these are staples. Now I do not believe these foods are evil. I love them like the rest of the American world...BUT...I do believe they should be a now and then food,

Should I cut sugar out of my kids’ diet?

    Should I cut sugar out of my kids' diet? Sugar and spice, and everything nice! We all know that sugar in all of its forms is yummy, and eating sticky treats can be a highlight of childhood, but how do we draw the line on sugar intake when it seems so prevalent? Is there a way to encourage healthy eating without depriving your children? With obesity, type 2 diabetes, and other negative effects of over-consumption on the rise, we as parents need to make some serious decisions about the diet we feed our children. Cutting all sugar out of our children's diet might sound like a quick solution, but it's actually quite difficult and possibly unreasonable in our culture today. As  a parent of three healthy teenagers, these are the four key concepts that helped us raise our girls in a balanced way: How to Encourage Healthy Eating 1. Educate yourself. Just because every other child at the lunch table is sucking down Capri Suns daily, doesn't mean that's the best thing for your child to drink. Read up on health articles. We all know about obesity, hyperactivity, and tooth decay. But, did you know a recent study points to excessive sugar as the culprit in

How can I get my toddler to eat the food I give her? Do they come with highly-developed taste buds?

How to get a toddler to eat

Hmm, well...the answer to this is, you won’t ever get her to eat everything you want her to eat! These little people are extremely determined beings and for some crazy reason they have highly-developed taste buds at their very tender ages. My little 2-year-old regularly picks up a delicious mushroom or other gourmet veggie off her plate and hands it to me with this look that says, “Get this away from me. It is evil. It is disgusting. I want nothing to do with it.” I roll my eyes. Seriously, can’t even set it aside? You want it out of your sight? I am appalled. I worked hard to make that, you know. Nonetheless, I have a few tricks up my sleeve that have worked well with my kiddos. First of all, I make sure there has been a good two hour window since our last snack.  Now, we are a family of grazers. However, we graze only during certain windows.  7-8am.  9:30-10:30am.  12:30-1:30pm.  3-4pm.  5:30-7pm.  We snack. Then we close out snacks until the next meal or snack. Done. No questions asked. They may whine or cry or throw a fit. I don’t care.  I know  they are not starving. Secondly,